Zephyr Yacht Club (ZYC) is an online yacht club that provides its members with a reciprocal connection to the boating community. ZYC caters to those who want to share in the excitement and camaraderie of sailing but who do not necessarily belong to a traditional yacht club.

One major benefit to ZYC membership is travel enhancement. A ZYC membership allows our members to enter and enjoy the hospitality of other yacht clubs around the nation and round the world. ZYC is a member of the Yacht Club of America (YCA). As a result of this affiliation, Zephyr Yacht Club members enjoy reciprocal privileges at hundreds of Yacht Clubs in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands.

We are committed to promoting recreational boating, community, boating education and FUN!. That includes cruising, racing, sailing, waterfront activities and social functions. ZYC is also a member of the Yacht Racing Association (YRA). YRA membership allows ZYC members the opportunity to belong to one of four charter associations. These charter associations provides for specific types of racing and boats. To find out more about these charters, refer to the YRA website located at www.yra.org.

Our low cost fee structure makes it easy to become a member. We help all boating enthusiasts, regardless of income level, have the opportunity to participate in yacht club activities wherever they may be located.